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 Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Serving Maitland, Winter Park, and Orlando, our lashes were developed to mimic the look and feel of your natural eyelashes. Each synthetic eyelash extension is applied one by one, directly to your individual eyelash, using hypoallergenic formaldehyde-free medical-grade adhesive.


The initial full eyelash extension set can last from 90 minutes up to 3 hours.

 As we lose 20-30% of our natural lashes every 2 weeks,  our eyelash extensions go with them. That is why I recommend  a routine touch-ups every two to three weeks to  keep your beautiful and full custom lash look.

Classic Lashes

Noticeably fuller, yet natural-looking lashes with the curl you"re alway wanted.

90 min.  $ 179.00

Classic Lashes Touch-Up

2 or 3 weeks. $ 70.00

4 weeks  $ 105.00

Hybrid Lashes

A 50/50 mixture of classic and handmade fanned, mega-style lashes.

120 min.  $ 225.00

Hybrid Lashes Touch-Up

2 or 3 weeks  $ 80.00

4 weeks. $ 125.00

Volume Lashes

The look-at-me eyelashes. Lashes appear longer, darker, fuller and thicker


180 min.  $ 325.00

Volume Lashes Touch-Up

2 or 3 weeks. $ 95.00

4 weeks  $ 165.00

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